Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Can't Hula Hoop Anymore

when i was little i was able to hula hoop like a champ! i loved it! i always won the hula hoop contests and i remember when my mom got me my green and black stripped hula hoop from toys-r-us. i would be in my backyard for who knows how long trying to master some random trick. i could walk, kneel, stand whatever while still keeping that hoop at my waist. i could even start with the hoop at my neck, bring it to my waist then knees and back up to my waist. and then at camp we pulled out the hula hoops for the kids. i picked one up to join them and i couldnt keep the hoop up for more than 20 secs. i thought i was out of practice so i tried again, but i just couldnt hula hoop anymore. even for those 20 secs that the hula hoop was rotating didn't feel like it used to. i felt awkward trying to keep it up, not natural like it used to. so i stood to the side and watched as one of the girls hula hooped her way to a contest win.

this whole getting older thing is weird. im leaving for school tomorrow. a year ago i felt like i was ready to move away, i wanted to move away. but it dont feel the same way, and yet i do. i feel like im ready to move away, like i can handle it, and i want to... i think. dont get me wrong, im excited to be on my own, but it means im getting older. not necessarily a bad thing, but a change. like hula hooping, things that used to be natural--living with my family, having all four seasons worth of clothing in my closet at once, my mom there to cook--aren't there. it really isn't a bad thing that i can't hula hoop, just different.


Phoenix said...

Anusia it is awful that you can't hula hoop! =P just kidding. What I do mean to say is that you seem to be handling the change much better than myself. It just feels so weird knowing that this is what needs to happen to get where you want to, but on the other hand you are leaving a lot behind. I'm sure you'll be fine though. More than fine-brilliant!

Blogging is fun no? =D

Meg said...

you are handling this way better than me, lady. i love you and i miss you and i dont like change. i know that it has to happen. and i like it here, dont get me wrong. but im still wishing i could hula hoop.

Anusia said...

i wouldnt say im handling it any better... im not liking the change too much..